Billige flytninger

Hvis datoen for din flytning er fleksiben kan vi planlægge en såkaldt "kombinationsflytning" - som er din garanti for en billig flytning.

Himmerlands Flytteforre Movers has a minimum of 3 weekly departures between Jutland and Zealand, as well as frequent departures to destinations all over Europe. This gives us a unique flexibility for combining relocation projects, in a way that our removal trucks always carry cargo

By combining two our more relocations, it possible for us to optimize our routes and thereby reduce both our rates and fuel usage - which benefits both You and the environment.

Call us on Tel. +45 98 62 47 00 or to hear more about our low-cost relocations and get a FREE price quote.

Billige flytning imellem Jylland og Sjælland