Corporate Relocation services

At Himmerland Movers, we have more than 30 years of experience with private- or corporate relocation services - and We know, that relocation of businesses requires a high degree of professionalism, discretion and flexibility.

We know that the security of your items are crucial and any delays or damages to items may have severe consequences for your business.

That is why, we take pride in careful handling and transporting your property. We are certified by both The Danish Movers Association and FEDEMAC, both of which have a comprehensive list of strict requirements in relation to e.g. emplayees, equipment, insurances etc. - a membership is Your guarantee for a succesful relocation project.

Through the years we have relocated everything from small businesses with a handfull of emplayees, to businesses with several hundred emplayees. We have the neccesary experience, equipment and capacity to handle any relocation project.

Planning and relocation logistics...

We offer everything from simple relocation service to complete turn-key relocation services -where we handle planning, logistics, transportation and packing/unpacking of the individual workspaces.

Based on your wishes, we make a plan for unpacking and placement of the individual workplaces, so that the transition period in Your relocation project will be as streamlined and seamless as possible.

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Corporate Relocation in Europe and Denmark
Corporate relocation in Europe and Denmark