DMF: The Danish Movers Association

Dansk Møbeltransport Forening ("The Danish Movers Association") is a trade association, which main purpose is, to create saftety for the consumers. The members are exclusively professional moving companies, who are aware of the responsibility, that comes with handling customers personal items.

The association are continuously working to develop and test new specialized tools, and the joint experiences of the association benefits all members - and thus all customers using a DMF certified moving company for their relocation.

Members of DMF has the right, timesaving, specialized tools and specially equipped moving vans and trucks to saftely transport Your items.

It is mandatory for members to have a indemnity insurance, which covers if any accident occurs according existing conditions.

DMF is Your guarantee for a professional relocation

The Danish Movers Association

DMF is Your guarantee for...

  • Professional and well-educated employees
  • Healthy work environment
  • Specialized tools for safe and secure relocations
  • Peofessional and careful handling of Your items
  • In case of any damages, all members are insured